Extra cash for extra pleasure, Go or No?
2019-10-18   Watch 101

If decorational finishing on watches are expensive.

 How about budget control to a level with none of it?

Your watch will pretty much look like fresh out of production line.

Cheap indeed, but definitely unwearable. Either aesthetically or physically. 

Take one part that most watches won't pay attention to, center post of the movement.

Small or insignificant as it is. Omega still take it to the next level, made it flawless under highly focus lens.

And finishing generally divided into two genre, functional and decorational. Omega Speedmaster of the above is somewhat mix of both.

Speaking of which, a watch can be functionally finished while being decorational, and vice versa.

One in another, not one or the other. More of a symbiotic relationship.  

And...... You know who its.

Once again, inevitable brand to bring up in most watch related topic.

Rolex don't make watch with see through caseback, neither did they leave breath-taking finishing.

Not that they can't, they are limited by the reality and cater to the beliefs in their brand.

All about functional, works great in any occasion, every tick is dead on.

And the reality part is they'll be struggling to maintain a flawless decorational finishing on the top of ultra-pragmatism.

I'm afraid only magic or alien tech can achieve all above under 700,000 to 800,000 of annual production. 

Does that mean they skimping somewhere we can't see? Hell no.


Yes, yes, yes. Not as pretty as the ones professionally doing so. But they did it and all in the purpose of functional.

More over, many other so called big brand having this magnificent exhibition caseback. But they've only glorify the surface once you dig deep. 

And the most used scratching on the surface finishing is Perlage pattern.


Ethical brand or movement manufacturer will execute this method throughout the entire interior.

Lower grades? Are we talking about mass production on another level?

“nh35 miyota9015”的图片搜索结果


The NH series from Seiko or the Miyotas is the one to go.

Bare bone, do what it needs to be done, no extra decoration.

Next up, ageless engraving trick that every mid to high brand uses. And pretty much everyone is happy with.

Côtes de Genève


A pattern was allegedly originated from the Lake Geneva. Usually consist of undulating lines, like waves. 

That is usually reserved for the visible surface of the bridges. However it can curve into ring or sunburst shape.

Like the Omegas.


Other than the Genève pattern, we also have the normal straight brushing extended to the maximum.

Bet you didn't know I was talking about Panerai. A brand known for Hulk style watches, with soft touches of finishing?

Yes, indeed they are. Pictures don't lie after all.


Although 3 types of finishing above are ubiquitous among the market.

Yet it all comes down to the experience and knowledge watch manufacturer has.

Cooking the same dish, an apprentice and a master chef definitely make it drastically different style.

Especially in the high end circle, where competition became harder.



There's also a difficult finishing called Black Polishing.

This method also called Mirror Polish, to achieve a all black luster under certain angle in light.

Mostly used in steel screws, levers and bridges in order to get a smooth and reflective-like finish.