That Shade of Mesmerizing Red Inside Rolex
2019-09-25   Watch 101

I would describe movement is the soul of a watch, case as body.

What makes Rolex stand must be the pair of crimson red gears.

And they definitely deserve the crowd attraction, for what?

For they are the keys to how long and how efficient your watch will run.

As we covered before in last article, these two gear are made of alloy

Having a layer of Teflon coated. To reduce friction, rust and noise.

But as all magic unfold, the trick is always hidden behind curtains.

Flip it over, we'll see this view.

If the center rotor gear rotates counterclockwise, then the red gear on the right side will rotate clockwise, simple physics right?

Then inner hook will slide over the saw gear one after other. 

At the same time, the red gear on the left side will rotate counterclockwise, and the inner hook will grab and bite on the saw gear.

 Therefor bring it to drive and wind the barrel. 

And vice versa, the same method works the other way around.

The whimsical trinity, simple yet highly effective.

Yet unfortunately we won't see the striking red again in the newest 32XX series movement.

Still reliable as always, but became more concealed.

Although 32XX movements have superior specs, and greater performance.

But when it comes to Rolex classic. It must be models like 1570, 3135 and other vintage ones.

After all, they are the forefathers that built Rolex's path to become "Rolex" nowadays.

Tell me, which do you choose. Late King or rising prince?