Watch 101 - Watch Movements
2019-07-05   Watch 101

Have you ever troubled when choosing a watch for yourself or your loved ones?


Well, fear not. It's actually can be quite easily done if we break it down gradually


First, by their movements.


Generally we have two variations, quartz and mechanical.


Quartz movement watches are for people that want to get their job done, no hassle, nearly no need for maintenance.


Why you might ask, because of two important factors. 1. Batteries. 2. Accuracy


Since it was powered by battery, when electricity through quartz crystal will generate a high frequency oscillation, then second hand will run on its merry way controlled by circuit board. Hence the common “tick tick” you hear all the time.


Mechanicals on the other hand, we have two genre here.


Automatic and Hand-wind.


The names pretty much gave it away, right?


Automatic to hand-wind usually just a rotor away in differences.


Meaning with automatics, just wear it daily is all you have to do to keep it running, keep the rotor inside spinning. And hand-wind means lacking rotor, you’ll have top if off daily or weekly depends on your movement.


They are both powered by “Mechanical battery”, thus the mainspring.


Every time the rotor spins by swing your arm, or twisting the crown in hand-wind’s case.


The mainspring will get more and more tighten up.


And release the wind up power little by little through another component called escapement.


In laymen’s term, imagine riding a bike downhill.


But hitting the brakes orderly, so that not every single bit of power contained in mainspring release at once.

And that's what escapement do. 


In all, if you are average Joe looking for day to day beater. Sweat in gyms, intense outdoor activities, then quartz watch is your choice.

Much like our classic reviewed here

Suit up in tux, wall street elite type? Three hands automatic or hand-wind, or date function added. This collocation will never fail you.


But still, there's a lot more than quartz and mechanical to talk about in the whimsical chronology world.


Tune in for next week, we'll dive deep into sub-genre within.